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Implementation Strategy

Our short term consultancy is ideal for getting things off on the right foot, helping decide on the overall implementation approach and designing the detailed delivery programme.

Thereafter while managing the implementation on a day-to-day basis may best done be internally, The Brook Partnership is happy to provide background support as needed.

Communication Planning

Image description Managing communication - be it discreetly amongst a close circle of employees, company-wide or externally is essential to project success; poor communication is all to often at the heart of project failure.

The Brook Partnership offer support to management in designing appropriate communication strategies from the outset of the project to suit particular circumstances and ensure that all key stakeholders are appropriately informed and have the opportunity to input to the project.

Project Implementation

Image description With the strategic objectives clearly defined, next comes sound and realistic implementation planning.

Making sure that individual sub-projects are small enough to deliver benefits quickly, is essential both in terms of work flow and in identifying the blend of skills required, for successful implementation.

The Brook Partnership can offer experience from a wide range of projects - from complex IT infrastructure programmes through to creating new international businesses to assist management in drawing up project implementation plans including project timing and key milestones..

Benefit Realisation

It is vital to any business that the projects undertaken deliver real value.

Image descriptionAll too often the actual benefits are estimated at the outset and then assumed to be delivered. In our experience we have found that a measurement programme designed at the outset, showing the actual benefit being delivered makes a huge difference in the acceptance of change by everyone involved.

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