The Brook Partnership

"helping you through those prickly times"

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Brilliant ideas are a wonderful thing. Bringing them into reality can sometimes require a mix of skills and resources beyond those currently to hand...

Backed by many years of UK and international experience in a wide range of business and IT projects The Brook Partnership offers small or large companies support in realising their business building ideas.

We provide short term, hands-on management assistance enabling both an external view and an immediate boost in momentum, whether evaluating new business opportunities, helping in their planning and implementation or in the recovery of faltering projects.

Whatever your needs, our level of involvement is entirely at your discretion.


Assessing opportunities Picking the right opportunities to pursue is an essential component of building a successful business. Potential opportunities may be internally or externally generated but in either case they need to be carefully assessed and often with discretion. Understanding their impact and optimising to maximise benefits can transform your profitability.

We can provide an external view and help with...

  • feasibility investigations
  • business models and evaluations
  • impact analysis



Image description With the strategic objectives clearly defined a specific suite of skills balancing commercial, technical and people demands will be needed to meet those objectives.

We can offer experience from a wide range of projects from complex IT infrastructure programmes to creating new international businesses.

Specific aspects could include:

  • Project definition and planning
  • Supplier identification
  • Resource requirements - identification & recruitment
  • Benefit measurement programme


Tackling Problems

Projects can and do go wrong. Sometimes you just do not feel comfortable and you do not even know why. Catching the problem early can save time, money and reputation.

Image description A discreet external review by independent eyes can be really very useful here. Perhaps the project just needs a tweak or has encountered unforeseen problems or barriers. We can provide that short term lift to get things going again.


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