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Tackling Problems

A project can fail for all kinds of reasons - don't wait until it has

Sometimes it is clear things are not quite right, but in a busy world some additional resource may well be needed to ascertain why. We can help you to save time, money and reputation by taking an objective external look at why this is, propose an action plan and work with you to implement it. Our approach can be formal or informal depending on your requirements.

Three of the most commonly stated reasons for project failure are...


Image description Ironically it is so easy to say "poor communications" let us down. But that can hide a multitude of problems.

What does it actually mean?

  • Have the goalposts shifted?
  • Is there a disconnect between key team members?
  • Does the team feel isolated?
  • Are stakeholders being kept up to date?

We have a whole list of questions and years of experience to detect whether the project communications are working.


Are the right people involved at each stage of the project?

Image description As companies grow work elements spread across departments requiring matrix management.

Indeed work may be outsourced overseas requiring very high levels of communication skills and meticulous planning and documentation. It may even be that you have a third party involved alongside your own staff.

Whatever it is - if the organisation is not working for you, then you need to know why.


Image description Has everyone bought in or are there different agendas at play?

  • Is the team pulling together?
  • Are other departments making time available for the project?
  • Do all stakeholders believe in the benefits?

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